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Many of us have changed minds and a new vision, but with the population at 6 billion and growing, it is crucial to continue changing minds if we are to implement that new vision on a wide scale. We at the Friends of Ishmael Society believe that Daniel Quinn's books offer an extremely effective method by which to change minds. But how do you make more readers aware of Quinn's books and encourage them to take the time to read them and get involved in their local Ishmael groups?

This section is full of ideas and tools that will allow you to encourage those you know and even those you may never meet to take a closer look at Daniel Quinn's work. These tools are submitted by readers just like you, in order to provide a medium that Friends can use to exchange tools and make individuals and local Ishmael groups more effective and efficient. This resource is maintained for you and by you! Tools can usually be easily customized for use in different regions, so please share your ideas with other readers throughout the world. If a tool that you use is not listed, please send it to us.

Take a moment to consider some of the principles that will help you spread Ishmael's message, and then choose from our list the right tool for you or your group to use to increase readership and make people aware of the local Ishmael groups.

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