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  The Friends of Ishmael Society Fund

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Friends of Ishmael Fund



Fundraising Goals

Fundraising Ideas

The Friends of Ishmael Society Fund represents the fundraising and grant-giving arm of The Friends of Ishmael Society. This Fund was established in order to serve as a source of funding for endeavors that spread the word about Ishmael. Startup expenses and application fees have been paid by the founders and some of our generous donors.

Now we need you to help Friends of Ishmael grow larger. Donations will be solicited from Quinn readers, from other like-minded organizations, and through various educational and governmental grants. The Society has several goals for the use of these funds, We have raised the money to reach our first goal of applying for nonprofit status, and are in the process of doing that.

See who has donated to us, what we do with the funds, learn creative ways to help raise money for the fund, and find out why donating to the Friends of Ishmael Society Fund gives you the opportunity to get the most bang for your buck!

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