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  The Friends of Ishmael Society's
Sources of Financial Support

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Our 501(c)(3) Application

Past and Present Financial Support

To date, financial support for The Friends of Ishmael Society has primarily consisted of funds donated by the organization's founders and the generous contributions of a small number of private individuals. A small amount of additional income has been generated via a percentage of revenues earned through the referral of website visitors to in order to purchase copies of Daniel Quinn's books and related items.

Future Financial Support

In the future, we anticipate that the bulk of contributions will stem from the donations of private individuals who, inspired by Daniel Quinn's work, wish to give back in order to help spread that same inspiration to others. We anticipate that grants from other likeminded organizations or foundations especially those focused on issues related to sustainability, diversity, and Systems Thinking will comprise the second largest source of financial support. The third largest source of financial support will stem from the sale of items related to the organization's mission, as well as a percentage of revenues generated by the referral of visitors from our website and related websites such as to other sites such as for the purchase of Quinn's books and other related items. Other potential sources of support include corporate donations, both directly and through matching gift programs, and grants from government agencies.

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