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Pearl Jam Album "Yield" Based On Ishmael

Pearl Jam, the multi-platinum Grammy-winning Seattle band, can be listed among the most famous of those inspired by Daniel Quinn. Countless readers have found their way to Ishmael through Eddie Vedder and the gang via their 1998 release, "Yield". Not only did Pearl Jam base many of "Yield"'s concepts on Ishmael, but they also held a contest for their fan club in which members were asked to create a work of art displaying what Ishmael meant to them. The band said in their fan club letter, "This book was passed around during the last recording session, and we pass it on to you... You could almost go as far as saying that the liner notes to the record are in there."

The song Do The Evolution is the most obviously influenced by Ishmael, but subtle references and allusions can be found throughout the record. According to Vedder, the title refers to the necessity for humans to yield to nature.

Listen to clips of "Yield" at the band's Sony Website, which includes a link to the video for Do The Evolution. The video was a collaboration between the band and Spawn animator Todd McFarlane, and is heavily influenced by Ishmael. Read Daniel Quinn's comments on the Pearl Jam album and get a Pearl Jam fan's comments on the connection between the band and Daniel Quinn.

Learn more about music inspired by Ishmael and Daniel Quinn.

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