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Have you or someone you know taken the next step and put Quinn's ideas into action? Please share your story with others. Posting your story here will help inspire other Ishmael readers, giving them hope that they too can begin to make Ishmael's message a reality. It will also inspire more and more people to read Quinn's work as they see the enormous effect it is having in so many areas of our culture. Moreover, it will offer those in the Ishmael Community who are working on similar issues the chance to network and find each other.

Please read the sections below to see if you have a story worth posting, to learn how to write your story for the Ishmael in Action Section, and then send it to us or contact us at with any suggestions or questions.

Who Should Post A Story

If you feel you have a story worth sharing, please let us know. We have laid out many categories into which your story may fit, but we are also happy to create new categories. The list below is by no means complete, but simply meant to give you an idea of the types of stories we have posted and will continue to post in the
Ishmael in Action Section.

Please let us know if you are aware of:

  • Films, music or other work by artists influenced by Ishmael.
  • Quinn's ideas being used in schools at any level.
  • The influence of Daniel Quinn's work on corporations in any industry and professionals including, doctors, lawyers, and any others.
  • Appearances of Ishmael or Daniel Quinn in magazines, newspapers or on television.
  • Resources online that relate to Daniel Quinn's work, including online magazines or chat rooms.
  • Organizations that help promote or give away copies of Daniel Quinn's work, as well as successful stories of promoting Ishmael to well known readers and others in the community.
  • Sustainable communities that have been inspired by Daniel Quinn's ideas.
  • Examples of tribal businesses related to Daniel Quinn's examples in Beyond Civilization.
  • Past or upcoming activities, conferences, or meetings relevant to the Ishmael Community.

How To Write Your Story

Some stories do not require much writing. For instance, if you just wish to forward us an appearance of Ishmael or Quinn in a
newspaper or magazine, you will not need to write much of a story, just enough to explain what the article is about. An upcoming activity listing may also not take a great deal of description. Other stories require more detailed writing.

If you wish to have your story posted, but do not want to write it, contact us and we may be able to write it for you. However, you know your story the best, and we prefer if you help us by at least writing the first draft. We will be glad to edit your story before posting it.

The best way to get a feel for how to write your story is to look at the many other stories posted here in the Ishmael in Action section, especially in the category where you feel your story belongs. If you look at a few of these stories, you will notice that there are a few very simple rules about how to write your story that will save time and effort if they are followed:

  • Include A Headline - All stories in the Ishmael in Action section include a headline. Usually this headline explains quickly who the story is about, what the person did and mentions Ishmael or Quinn's relevance to the event.

  • Write The Story in Third-Person - All stories in Ishmael in Action are posted in third person, meaning like a newspaper story describing the event from an outside perspective. Do not write your story as a personal letter from you saying "I did this or I did that". Instead, write it as an outside observer would write it, saying "Bob Smith, a 25 year old from California, has started a tribal business based on Ishmael....".

  • Include Any Links, Photos or Contacts That You Wish To Add - We will be glad to link to any website that helps add to your story. We also are glad to post photos either within your story or link to them. Finally, it is a good idea to include in your story ways that others can contact you. This will allow you to hear from people who want to learn more or get involved in what you are doing, one of the main purposes of the Ishmael in Action section.

  • Make Sure To Mention The Relevance Of Daniel Quinn And His Work In Your Story - This particular site is focused on publicizing Daniel Quinn's work and how it has inspired many activities and events. The site is read mostly by Quinn readers and fans. Therefore, your story MUST explain how Quinn's work is related to your story in order to be posted on this site. Please make sure to mention this in your story, and in the headline, as well, if it belongs there.

    Send Us Your Story

    Once you have written your story, following the rules listed above, please send it to us at Feel free to suggest where you feel your story should be categorized in the Ishmael in Action section, suggest a new categorization that we should create, or give any other suggestions. Feel free to ask any questions and we will be more than happy to help you share your story with the Ishmael Community. Thank you!

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