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More About Dr. Gary Kodel

Kodel further explains, "Quinn describes the ideologic origins of our civilization, which he labels - 'Taker' Culture." From the Taker Culture's perspective, Kodel describes himself as: "a family physician practicing within a large health care organization in Los Angeles, and married with 3 children." Kodel states that this description emphasizes his role as an individual part within the larger machinery of our civilization.

However, Kodel prefers describing himself from the 'Leaver' Culture's perspective - the label Quinn uses to describe the ideologic origins of our indigenous tribal ancestors:
"I am a constituent of the universe residing on Planet Earth that is characterized as a life-form (Homo sapiens): composed of elements and spirit which are common to the physical and biological universe, and subject to its universal laws. I consume vastly more of the earth's physical and biological resources to sustain myself than that consumed by my ancestors.

I make my living as a family physician by assuaging the suffering of 2500 people (I think a bit too many for any physician!) within my community - a part of a densely populated region within Los Angeles County. My work community is a satellite clinic of 200 health care workers arranged in a vertically disintegrated hierarchy (each work group has its own hierarchy) that extends to a large medical center, and then on to expansive administrative hierarchies that stretch across the United States. In this work community, I have a web of relationships with fellow physicians, nurses, patients, administrators, and numerous other health care workers. In my home community, I have the following web of relationships: I am a husband to my vivacious wife; father of 3 energetic and inquisitive children aged 13, 8, and 8 years; son to my parents; partial caregiver to a pet dog and turtle; custodian for the land that we reside on and its biologic inhabitants; docent leading hikes for families in our community's forest."

Kodel found Quinn's reading list from the Ishmael Community website to be enlightening. As an example, the book 'Going Local' listed 'The Natural Step' (TNS) - as a resource for creating sustainable work environments. Kodel discussed these principles with members of his medical group and shared the website with them. He plans on using sabbatical time in the near future to obtain training from TNS so that he may implement sustainable processes for his organization.

Other Websites that Kodel Recommends Include:

Learn more about how Ishmael and Daniel Quinn are influencing doctors and healthcare.

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