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I Can't Believe It's Not Newsworthy! - A Quinn-Inspired Cable Access Television Show Based In Worcester, MA

This show highlights news stories of international, national and local interest that have slipped through the cracks of the mainstream media. Newsworthy! will focus on the stories themselves as well as the reasons why they may not have been brought to light. By reporting these stories, the production team hopes to highlight our cultural blind spots and bring a new understanding of our culture's limitations to its viewers. However, unlike usual television, they will be telling viewers what it is that they are doing and explain why.

Hence, viewers will be treated the way that we have always wanted to be treated by the media, as intelligent questioning people who can make up their own minds. Topics will include environmental issues, censorship, the problems with hierarchy and other social organization, control (be it population, mind, spirit or governmental control), the peace movement, sustainability, community/tribalism, etc.

The show is planned for a go-live date in July of 2002 and will be aired weekly. Inspiration for this show came from Daniel Quinn's teachings in Ishmael and The Story of B. All of the production staff of Newsworthy! are members of Sacred Lands, a non-profit organization whose mission is to create an intentional sustainable community for its members and to teach others about the animist vision. Many stories will come from independent media sources such as Indymedia, who publish their work under an open content license.

If interested in more information, contact the show's producers.

Learn more about how Ishmael and Daniel Quinn are showing up on television.

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